What is the application deadline?

We are NOT currently accepting grant applications. Grants are open for submission from March 1-April 1, and again from August 1- September 1 each year. For emergency requests or questions, please contact us at (406) 926-1519 or email LOI@highstakesfoundation.org.

Are you an...
Organization described in section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code?
Is your organization doing work with....

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Climate Change?

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Social Justice?

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Economic Development?

General Funding Guidelines

 Funding Priorities:  As the Democracy Collaborative so eloquently stated: 

      “We are in a bewildering and unstable time. Our collective response to COVID-19—even though it may prove inadequate to protect the millions that will die if our healthcare system is overwhelmed—has already brought the economy to the edge of standstill. One data point just from the US: layoffs are surging across the nation with an estimate of 3 million jobs lost by this summer alone.  We’ve known that millions and millions of Americans were one paycheck away from financial disaster, unable to muster $400 in the event of an emergency, but our economic policies continued to prioritize returns to concentrated capital instead of community wealth. Now, the emergency is here. ...We must rise collectively to meet this challenge. …. [HSF] is willing to [help our grantees] step into this moment as a once-in-a-generation opportunity to build a new and better world. The uptick in mutual aid and self-help, the extraordinary responses around the nation and overseas in which everyday citizens are looking out for one another in dark and uncertain times, point the way forward to a new politics of hope. By standing together, in our work and our values and our communities, we are not alone.”

  • We have always worked on systems change and will continue to do so by funding organizations focused on social justice, rural economic development, climate change solutions, and local food systems.  How does your work fit into creating present and future change that can make our place more equitable, sustainable and resilient?

  • If your organization received a grant from the High Stakes Foundation in the previous year, we would appreciate a brief update on your program prior to submitting an LOI.   Click here for instructions:   Year End Reports to High Stakes
  • Activities supported by grants and program-related investments must be charitable, educational or scientific, as defined under the appropriate provisions of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations or fit the requirements for program related investments according to the IRS. The foundation monitors grants through regular financial and narrative reports submitted by the grantee. All grantees will enter a grant agreement with HSF.
High Stakes Foundation does not fund:
  • Organizations that are NOT described as 501(c)3 non-profits
  • Capital campaigns
  • Projects initiated or mandated by any order of government
  • Political lobbying
  • General social service organizations
  • Litigation
  • Research studies including species and habitat studies even if they fall within our climate change penumbra
  • Religious organizations
  • Hospitals or medical clinics
How to Apply

Click below for information on how to apply.

How to apply


After reviewing your application...
After reviewing your application, we may invite a full proposal or simply proceed with a site visit. We site visit all applicants who have made it through our initial screening procedures. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT A FULL PROPOSAL with your application. We are endeavoring to keep your focus on your organizational goals and not burden either you or the HSF with extra work.
Further questions contact:

(406) 926-1519