What is the application deadline?

We are not currently accepting grant applications. Grants are open for submission from March 1-April 1, and again from August 1- September 1 each year. For emergency requests or questions, please contact us at (406) 969-5865 or email LOI@highstakesfoundation.org.

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Organization described in section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code?
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General Funding Guidelines
Funding Priorities:  We fund organizations that work on systems change. If your organization is focused on solutions to the pressing issues in the fields of climate changed, social justice, leadership, rural economic development, local  food systems, or conservation in Montana we are interested in having a conversation. Let’s discuss how your work fits into creating present and future change that can make our place more equitable, sustainable, and resilient?

  • If your organization received a grant from the High Stakes Foundation in the previous year, please submit a year end update on your program prior to submitting an LOI. Click here for instructions: Year-End Reports to High Stakes
  • If your organization has received funding from the High Stakes Foundation three consecutive years, we ask that you take a year off before applying again.
  • Activities supported by grants and program-related investments must be charitable, educational, or scientific, as defined under the appropriate provisions of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and Treasury Regulations or fit the requirements for program-related investments according to the IRS. The foundation monitors grants through regular financial and narrative reports submitted by the grantee. All grantees will enter a grant agreement with HSF.
The Stakes are Higher

When the High Stakes Foundation was formed in 2008, we were already in high stakes times. And now, the stakes are even higher. While we continue to be committed to fund operational support, we also invite new, never been done, game changing ideas that will address climate change, social injustice, support leadership, rural economic development or local food systems. Be bold because that’s what humankind needs.

High Stakes Foundation does not fund:
  • Organizations that are NOT described as 501(c)3 non-profits
  • Capital campaigns
  • Projects initiated or mandated by any order of government
  • Political lobbying
  • General social service organizations
  • Litigation
  • Research studies including species and habitat studies even if they fall within our climate change penumbra
  • Religious organizations
  • Hospitals or medical clinics
How to Apply

Click below for information on how to apply. We want to make this as simple as possible for you and for us. Since we generally fund general operating expenses, tell us what you are passionately working on these days and how you expect that work to make a difference at a systems change level. If it takes more than an hour to complete the entire application, something has gone wrong…..

How to apply


After reviewing your application...

After reviewing your application, we may invite a full proposal or simply proceed with a site visit. We will set up a Zoom call or in person discussion for all applicants who have made it through our initial review process. Please do not submit a full proposal with your application. We value your time and want you to keep your focus on your organizational goals.

Further questions contact:

Please leave a message and we’ll return your call.

Use of High Stakes Foundation name and logo

If you are a current grantee and would like to use The High Stakes Foundation’s name or logo in printed or digital materials, please send a request describing the intended use to ann@highstakesfoundation.org. Approved types of uses include but are not limited to non-profit newsletters, annual reports, and donor pages on your organization’s website. We also ask that you share a link or hard copy of the final piece with us upon completion.