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Reach out if you have thoughts you want to share or just want to talk.  Feel free to reach out directly to Dawn McGee (; Courtney Wantink ( or Megan Robson (


Ask for what you need and we will try to help point you in the right direction.  Also, think about what you can give.  


  1. We know that our hospitals are short of masks and likely other protective equipment.  Can we come together as a community to make protective gowns and facemasks? DIY is not ideal but is better than nothing (there are directions for this on the internet.)                            — Hospital administrators in Seattle are DIYing personal protective equipment                   (read more here).                                                                                                                              — 3D printers are also a wonderful way to help fill the gaps (read more here).
  2. Blood banks are in short supply. If you can, please donate today.
  3. Restaurants are trying to keep people employed and stay afloat.  Help them if you can by purchasing a pick-up meal.
  4. Think about organizing your block or neighborhood.  Can you help someone get groceries or supplies – can you provide emotional support just so people know they have neighbors who are there to help?
  5. Foodbanks everywhere are experiencing an enormous uptick in demand.  Give what you can. Volunteer where you can.

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    The High Stakes Foundation is located in the heart of Missoula on the north end of Higgins Ave.

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