About Us

High Stakes Foundation was formed in 2008 by Dr. Mary Stranahan. The President of the Foundation is Dawn McGee.  To date, High Stakes has granted over $6,000,000 to organizations across Montana.

The world’s top climate scientists have warned that humanity’s influence on the climate is unequivocal, with wide-ranging impacts across the planet, from rising seas to melting ice.  Statewide, especially in rural communities, there is a struggle to provide living wage jobs and fresh, affordable, nutritious food.  Political, social and economic gaps are ever widening and we are fractiously, deeply divided as to how to move forward.

In other words, we are in High Stakes times.

We believe in solutions which support vibrant, interconnected communities that give everyone in the local community a direct, long-term interest in the prosperity, health, and beauty of Montana.


is the founder of Goodworks Ventures and the High Stakes Foundation. As a result of attending a Play Big Session about a decade ago, she made the decision to leverage her resources to support the people making a positive change in Montana. Her focus is on triple bottom line investments in the for profit arena and rural economic development, leadership development and environmental policy issues in the nonprofit arena. A passionate lover of place, she has a wicked backspin on her tennis game.


is the President of the High Stakes Foundation.  She is also the CEO of Goodworks Ventures, a Montana based company investing in high social impact companies and supporting visionaries who are creating a sustainable future for Montana.  She loves to be outside and to play music with friends.


joined the High Stakes Foundation in 2016 as its Grant Administrator; she is also the Finance Manager for Goodworks Ventures.  She has an undergraduate degree in accounting and was formerly the HR Director for a large nationwide company based in Montana.  Megan’s favorite word is “too.”